Contact list

View the existing contact records in Synergy, and when to create company, individual, or personnel type contacts. Learn how to create contacts, and what actions are available in the contact list view.

What are contacts?

Create contacts to record all the details about the people that you deal with such as companies, clients, individuals, suppliers, local government, sub contractors, real estate agents.

Contact Types

  • Company - A registered business which employees staff. e.g. ABC Constructions, XYZ Builders.
  • Personnel - The staff that work at the company are entered in Synergy as personnel records. e.g. create David Brown who works for ABC Constructions (company contact).
  • Individual - Store the details of a person or client that you deal with that is not a registered business. e.g. Mr & Mrs Smith who requires some alterations on their house.

Store all the details about the contact in Synergy to be able to display the details on invoices, reports, documents and emails from Synergy. Contact records can also be attached to projects to outline which contacts you are dealing with for the project. Contact roles are assigned to show what type of task the person will complete within the project. Contact List allows you to look-up or search for existing contact records, and add new records for use in Projects.

Why use contacts?

Create a record for each company, client, or supplier that you contact. Use the contact details entered in projects, invoices, reports, and document templates.

Actions available

Columns available


  • Click on a column heading name to sort the lists in ascending order, or click the name again to sort in descending order.
  • Sort using the 'parent contact' column and all personnel are shown sorted with the company contact record in the list, which lets you see the company and all their personnel in the list at once.

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