Full work breakdown structure

Setup your project plan to include phase, stages and tasks. Assign the tasks to the staff members required to complete the work, and the set a due date for each item. Control how each stage of work is invoiced to the client using fee types, and setting up the agreed fee values. Copy in the default project structure for this type of work using a work breakdown template.

What is the full work breakdown?

Build the project plan using the work breakdown page, outlining the work to be completed for each step in the project. and set due dates for tasks to be completed.

The work breakdown structure is made up of:

  1. Phases - group together 2 or more stages of work. Display the phase level totals reports, or on the invoice to the client.
  2. Stages - setup a stage for each major deliverable for the project. Stages are shown on the invoice, and control how the invoicing process works with the stage fee types. Stages also control how data is transferred to your accounting system with Synergy add-ons using the cost centers and discipline mapping options.
  3. Tasks - create tasks to outline each step of work required to complete the goals of the stage. Staff use tasks when entering timesheets. Set a due date for when staff should have the task should be completed by.

Quickly setup a work breakdown structure by copying in a work breakdown template, and then editing the created items to match your required project structure.

Tip: Phases are only available in the Synergy Business and Enterprise products.

Why use the full work breakdown?

Define the scope of work for the project using phases, stages and tasks. Control how each section of the project is billed to the client using the stage options, and assign each task to be completed by the required internal staff.

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