Adding and Editing Rates

Create and update the rates for staff charge-outs, supplier and subcontractors, inspections, office items, staff cash and travel items. Use variations to apply a special discount for the new year for a rate, or a discount for a selected project / contact.


  • Change the rate charge-out value or markup % by adding a variation. Includes entering an effective date (start date) for when the rate change will begin. i.e. One rate value for this year 2018 and another rate value for 2019.
  • Setup the standard rate values for your organization. Specific rate values can be applied for projects and contacts using variations. *This feature is available with the Synergy Business or Enterprise products.*

What is adding or editing rates?

Rates can be used when estimating budgets, when entering expenses, displayed on reports, or listed on the project invoice sent out to your clients. Create staff rates to control the charge-out value for the work your staff perform for projects, or setup the markup % or charge-out value for the expense rate types. Cash and travel rate types are used for staff expense reimbursement, office items are used to charge time for internal tasks to a project, and supplier and sub-contractor expenses are used to on-charge these expenses on a project with a markup value applied.

Rates can be updated to adjust prices changes for each quarter or year. Add a standard variation and enter an effective date for when the new charge-out rate or markup % value will be applied to entered transactions. If using the Business or Enterprise Synergy products then you can also vary the rate by applying discounts / surcharges for selected projects or contacts.

Why add or edit rates?

Control the standard set of values that work on project invoices is charged out or marked up to for your clients. Use variations to apply specials pricing (discounts or surcharges) to selected contacts or projects.

Rate types

Actions available - all rate types

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