Credit numbers

Setup the default credit note numbering format for your organization. Add custom credit note numbering formats to match your companies requirements.

What are credit numbers?

Setup what numbering system will be used for credit notes in Synergy. Each credit note in Synergy has a unique number, and this module controls the numbering format used for each new credit note created. Synergy credit note numbers are made up of 2 sections: a prefix and a sequential number counter. A prefix can contain numbers and letters. The numeric counter can have the length defined as 2 to 9 digits, and cannot have any suffixes added to the end of the automatic numbering sequence. Define the number format to include or exclude the 0's padding in the credit note number, and define the length of the numeric counter (i.e. 8 digits).

Why use credit numbers?

Select the default credit note numbering format for the organization.

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