Security matrix

Each staff record has an application security level assigned during initial setup. Learn what features and actions each of the staff access levels can perform within Synergy using the standard security matrix. The Synergy Enterprise product allows for a custom security matrix to be defined.

Tip: Learn about the different features in the Synergy product levels using the feature matrix.

What is the security matrix?

View the features that are available in Synergy, and what access level you require to have assigned to your staff record to be able to use that feature.

In Synergy Enterprise product only the security matrix can be customized, to change what features each staff access level can use in the product. Changes to the security matrix are automatically saved, and a reset option is available if you want to go back to using the Synergy default security settings.

Why use the security matrix?

See what features are available for each staff access level in your Synergy product level and which require an upgrade.

Security by feature

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