Document templates

Setup the default document template layouts which include Synergy bookmarks and tables. Document templates can be used to create documents for projects, proposals, invoices, credit notes, contacts, and staff.

What are document templates?

Document templates allow you to automate the process of creating a Word documents. Setup templates to include the headers and footers, body text or copy, Synergy bookmarks, and Synergy tables. Add the Synergy bookmarks to the template to control what Synergy data will be shown in the document output. Bookmarks are the used to identify and map to the location of the required data in Synergy to ensure it shows in the correct in the Word document. Learn more about the formatting options for Synergy tables.

Add document templates to create Word documents in: projects, proposals, invoices, credit notes, contacts, and staff.

Each Synergy organization includes a default template sample for each type. Update these templates as required, to customize the bookmarks shown or the tables that are included. The Synergy Professional product level doesn't allow you to create additional templates, but the default sample templates can be edited.

Synergy Business and Enterprise products allow you to create multiple document templates. in addition the feature to 'upload a document' to have the uploaded files are automatically added to new records when they are created for projects, contacts or staff.

Why use document templates?

Create document layouts for each type of document required, which include Synergy bookmarks and tables in the Word document.

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