Internal transactions

Enter timesheets or expenses linked to the Internal project to record time spent on internal office tasks or projects. The transactions linked to the internal project are for non-billable items completed as part of the staff members day-to-day job such as meetings, leave, and general administration.

What is the Internal project?

The Internal project is the default project provided with Synergy, which is hidden in the project list, but is shown in timesheet and expense entry areas to track time or expense costs related to internal tasks. The Internal project is shown in the 'project' drop down list in all locations that timesheets or expenses can be entered in Synergy.

The stages and tasks for the Internal project are setup in Settings > Timesheet lists > Internal stages and tasks. The internal stages are used to group together the internal tasks, and are available for all staff to use when entering timesheets or expenses in Synergy.

Each Internal stage is setup as a 'no billing' fee type. All transactions allocated to Internal project are automatically written off, and will not show any value in the 'invoice value' column in Synergy reports. The cost for the staff completing the work or the expense cost is displayed in the 'transaction cost' column in reports.

Why use the Internal project?

Track the time spent on internal office tasks, out of the office on leave, or the cost of internal office expenses.

Internal transaction details

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