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Debtor note details
Updated over a week ago

When you open the debtor note window on an invoice, the following details are shown:

  1. Subject - type the subject of the note. This is a short summary of the note contents

  2. Note - text that you want other internal staff to view. Click on the note row in the invoice preview to open the note and view the full note text. Only the user who created the note can amend the note text

  3. Active - the active box on a new note is checked by default. Active notes are shown on an open invoice in the notes panel. Change a note to inactive to hide it from the notes panel once the tasks are complete

  4. Notify me of any changes - the 'notify me' box is checked by default on any new note that you create. This ensures that you are sent a notification in Synergy when a comment is added to the note. Uncheck this box if you do not wish to receive any notifications about comments being added to the note

  5. Created by - the name of the staff member who created the note, along with their Synergy profile picture if available. The date and time that the note was created are also shown.

  6. Comments - type a comment on the note to record extra information about the note task or to reply to the note creator. To add a comment, type the text, and then either press the enter key or click the save button on the comment row. Details of the user who added the comment are shown along with the date and time the comment was entered.

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