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Deleting a variation in the contact rates tab
Deleting a variation in the contact rates tab
Updated over a week ago

The rate variation for this contact record can only be deleted if the pricing has not been applied to any transactions. Delete a variation by:

  1. Go to: Contacts > Rates tab and use one of the following methods.

  • Single row - Click the row action button for the variation and select 'delete'.

  • Multi-row - Select the check box(es) on the left of the row for each item you want to delete, then click the multiple rows action button and choose 'delete'.

  1. Click the 'delete' button on the confirmation pop-up message.

  2. The tab refreshes and the rate variation item(s) have been deleted.

Tip: If the rate variation has been applied to any transactions then it cannot be deleted. Rates can only be deleted by a System Administrator in settings > financial settings > rates list.

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