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Track all changes to the contact record in the audit tab. see who made what change and when the change was made.

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Contact > Audit tab

Tip: Open the audit from the read-only contact details page by clicking the audit button in the extras panel.

What is the contact audit tab?

View a list of changes made to the contact, who made the change, and when the change was completed. This information shows a before and after value for any amendments, which you can use to undo a change manually if required when a change was made by mistake.

Why use this contact audit tab?

Track who altered the billing address for a contact, and when the change was made.

Actions available

Use the page actions button to Export to Excel. This sends all the items lists on the tab to an Excel file. All the items valid for the current list filter are exported. e.g. Apply the filter 'active' and only active rows are exported to Excel.


When a large number of items exist use the search or filter options to limit the number of rows shown in the list.

Search by clicking the search button and typing the keyword into the search box. To return to seeing all items in the list click the clear button in the search bar.

Tip: Learn more about searching with the list search or the global search.


Filter the list by selecting the search button. See the available filters by clicking the word 'active'. Select a filter from the drop-down list and click the search button to apply the filter. The filter options are:

  • Active - the default list filter that shows the items that can be used (seen in drop-down lists).

  • Inactive - see the items that can no longer be used, and are only shown when still linked to existing records.

  • All - see both active and inactive items in the list.

Tip: Return to the default view by choosing the clear button in the search bar.

Columns available

  1. Date The date and time that the change was made.

  2. User The Synergy user name that made the audited change.

  3. Text A description of what the addition, or amendment within the contact. When amendments are made the before and after values are shown.

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