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Actions available for files in the project documents tab
Actions available for files in the project documents tab
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  • Download and open a previous version - In the download history panel locate the version you want to view, and click the row action button and select 'download'.

  • File name change - Type the new required file 'name' and save. E.g. add details to the file name to describe the file or image version.

  • Folder move - Select the new location for the file in the 'folder' drop down list and save.

  • Add notes in the description - Use the description field to store any extra notes about the file, the current version, or why the rollback to previous version feature has been used.

  • Rollback to a previous version - Use this feature when more than one file version exists. This is used when a user has updated a file in error, or uploaded the wrong file to Synergy. Rollback to a previous version by:

  1. Locate the file that should be the current version in the document history table. i.e. Version 2 should be the current file not the file showing as Version 3.

  2. On the row for version 2, select the row action button and choose the 'rollback to this version' option.

  3. The history table is updated and version 2 has now been copied and it shown as the 'new' file version 5.

  • Add tags - Tags allow you to store extra searchable information against the file or image. Click into the tags box and the recently used tags in Synergy are shown, click on one of these items to use that tag. Or type a word or phrase into the tag box to create a new tag for this file. When multiple tags are required use a comma (,) to separate the tags, or press the enter key when typing and the form knows you are starting to type a new tag.

Tip: More of the standard row actions are available in the 'view' page within the page actions button .

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