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Planned changes to availability calculation for April 2020
Planned changes to availability calculation for April 2020
Updated over a week ago

We are making changes to resourcing calculations — we’re removing the availability factor to more accurately reflect the hours your staff are available. This update will affect all new and existing projects.

What do I need to do?

Nothing. We will automatically update Synergy at the end of the month and all your projects and resourcing will update to reflect these changes.

What does this mean for my resourcing?

This means the staff member will be resourced at full availability and as a result, will change the calculations for a staff member’s per day capacity.


Carol works 40 hrs/week

2080 hours per year

40 X 52

Her availability factor (which includes annual leave, public holidays and sick leave is 81%

1684 hours per year

2080 * .81

Her utilisation is 85%

1432 hours per year

1684* .85

Her billable hours

5.5 per day



Carol works 40 hrs/week

2080 hours per year

40 X 52

Her utilisation is 85%

1767 hours per year

2080 * .85

Her billable hours

6.8 hours per day


How does this affect existing projects?

This proposed change will affect projects that are currently running as we will need to update existing data and remove any availability factor calculations.

  1. Planning mode

We want Carol to work on the Landers’ Park Memorial. It is a $10K project running for one month.

Carol is a graduate and her charge rate is $96 p/h.

  • The animated gif below shows Carol is estimated to work on the project for 18hrs per week.

  • As you can see in the transition between current and proposed, her percentage in the proposed calculations drop but her hours remains the same. This is because currently, she can only work 5.5 hours per day. In the proposed calculations, we can schedule her for 1.3 extra hours per day.


2. Delivery mode

If your projects are already in delivery mode, you will see the changes in the hours worked on, while the percentage stays the same.

Carol’s Landers’ Park Memorial project has been approved. The specs have been tidied up and we will only need Carol to work on this project for 60% of her time.

When we adjust this, what you will see in delivery mode is the number of hours Carol is resourced for, for this task, will increase, but the percentage remains the same.


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