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What to do when your document template has missing content
What to do when your document template has missing content

Steps to prevent content from disappearing in documents you create in Synergy

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Is content in your document template missing?

Document templates in Synergy utilise bookmarks to populate documents with information like Project Numbers, Invoice Contacts, Client Details, etc.

Sometimes hidden bookmarks in Microsoft Word create a conflict with Synergy bookmarks, and as a result, content in the document is lost.

To prevent this from happening, the hidden bookmarks need to be deleted from the Word document used in your template.

These hidden bookmarks often start with "_Toc" for table of contents, "_Hlk" for hyperlink, or "_Ref" for reference.

How to identify and delete hidden bookmarks

Open the affected document template, and select Download file - this will download the Word document we'll be updating, then uploading back into the template:

Once downloaded, open the Word document and navigate to Insert > Bookmarks > show hidden bookmarks > highlight bookmark > delete, as pictured below:

Any bookmarks starting with “_Toc”, “_Hlk” or “_Ref” should be removed.

After all bookmarks with the above prefixes have been deleted, you can save your document, and upload it back into your Synergy. The next time you use the template, all content will be retained.

This can only be done one by one in Word, but you can use a macro to speed up this process.

How to use a macro to remove all hidden bookmarks

If there are several hidden bookmarks that need to be deleted, you can save time by using the following macro to delete any bookmark starting with “_Toc”, “_Hlk” or “_Ref”:

Sub Demo()

Application.ScreenUpdating = False

Dim i As Long

With ActiveDocument

For i = .Bookmarks.Count To 1 Step -1

With .Bookmarks(i)

Select Case Left(.Name, 4)

Case "_Toc", "_Hlk", "_Ref": .Delete

End Select

End With


End With

Application.ScreenUpdating = True

End Sub

After downloading your document from Synergy, follow these steps to run the macro:

  1. Open the Word document. Go to File > Save as... - save the document as a Macro Enabled Document:

  2. In your macro-enabled document, open the Bookmarks section and make sure Show hidden bookmarks is ticked

  3. In your macro-enabled document, enter Alt + F11 on your keyboard to bring up the following page:

  4. Select the arrow next to the Insert UserForm button and select Module:

  5. In the Module window that opens, paste in the macro

  6. Click on the Save button then select the Play button to run the macro

  7. Exit the window and go to Insert > Bookmarks > Show hidden bookmarks to check that the hidden bookmarks have been deleted

  8. Go to File > Save as... and save the document as a Word document. You may see the following window appear – if it does, select Yes (this will just delete the module with the macro, which is no longer needed, as the default Docx format does not support macros):

  9. Upload the document to your Synergy template by selecting Upload edited file:

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