How to create an invoice

Guide on creating a new invoice

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  1. From your project, open the Project Menu > Financials > Invoices.

  2. At the top right of the screen click the Add button. This will open up a draft invoice.

  3. Ensure the details at the top of the invoice are correct, including the Invoice Contact, Address, Invoice Terms, and Invoice Date.

  4. Select the stage or stages you wish to invoice by ticking the box on the left. All available WIP on that stage will automatically be added to the invoice.

    1. If you want to change what transactions have been selected from that stage, click the Stage name. From there you can select and deselect specific transactions.

  5. Adjust the invoice value by changing the Total ex tax figure. The Invoice % shows you the percentage of the Stage fee that has been invoiced.

  6. Enter any notes or details for the invoice in the Invoice Summary. You can also select a pre-written summary from the Standard Summary dropdown, or copy the summary from a previous invoice.

  7. If you are not done with the invoice you can click Save Draft at the top right to save this draft invoice. This will allow you to come back to this invoice later and make further changes. (Any transactions that have been selected on this invoice while it's in draft will not be able to be invoiced elsewhere unless they are deselected from this draft).

  8. If you are finished with this invoice you can click Save and Finalise at the bottom right. This will lock the invoice in, and no further changes can be made to it.

  9. Once it has been finalised you have the option to Send the invoice at the top right, which will allow you to email it to any project contact, or you can download it as a PDF by clicking the download button near the preview.

    Or you can share it via the portal. Click the arrow next to Send and select Share:

    Select the contact you want to share it to, and then Save.


  • Create a new invoice document from within the all invoices list, to save time in navigating to the project invoices tab.

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