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Reallocating resources on the planning board
Reallocating resources on the planning board

Moving resources from one team member to another

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There's several places in which you can move your resources from person to person, across stages and projects. This article covers moving resources on the

Resource Planning

This method is best used when:

  • Staff member is on leave, and all their work needs to be reallocated

  • A staff member has left the business, and all work needs to be reallocated

  • A whole practice view of current capacity needs to be understood when reallocating work

To reallocate resources:

  1. Open up the board to the stage level

  2. Click and drag over the weeks you want to reassign

  3. In the reallocation pane, choose

    1. All stages of the project, or the current stage only

    2. The selected project, or all projects

    3. The Staff member you want to reallocate the resources to (use the filter to see more relevant resources)

    4. The time period - 'now' or a specific date, till 'forever' or a specific date

  4. Click reallocate


If you reallocate work to a staff member with a different rate, your budget may be affected

Project Schedule

The major difference in reallocation on the project schedule is the project is fixed - this method is best used when doing small reallocations of work on specific projects

To reallocate resources in a single project:

  1. Go to the project schedule

  2. Expand the project to the stage level

  3. Use the arrow to show detailed resourcing

  4. Click the head of the resource you want to reallocate

  5. Use the ellipses ('...') menu and select reallocate

  6. Choose the stage(s), staff member and time period for the reallocation

  7. Click reallocate

Project Planning

Reallocation on the project planning page is identical to reallocation on the project schedule, except you can reallocate multiple projects at the same time.

Use this method when you know the work needs to be moved, regardless of current capacity e.g. there is a single available resource

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