Adding leave and availability requests

What to do when you need to request leave in Synergy or add unavailability.

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Edition: Business*, Enterprise

User-level: User and above

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You will only have access in Business if you have SynergyHR Add-on enabled.

You can request leave in Synergy and add other availability so that you everyone across the business knows you're unavailable for a period of time.

The below information will guide you through doing this, with and without SynergyHR - Availability is only available in Business if you're also using SynergyHR.

  1. Click your Profile image (or by default - image with your initials) in the top right corner of Synergy > My Availability.

  2. Click the Add button.

  3. Fill out the 'Type' and 'Detail' fields e.g. 'Leave' and 'Medical'.

  4. Select the start and end dates for the leave you are requesting.

    • *If you're using SynergyHR you can specify hours.

  5. Add any comments about the leave you are requesting.

  6. Click out of the side panel to save the request and see it appear on your leave register.

You will now see your leave request and the status of it in the leave register.


  • Before you request leave, you can see when other people in your organisation are taking leave or if they are unavailable by clicking the Organisation drop down > Availability > Calendar.
    From there you can request leave for yourself (if you're a System Administrator) or others if you have direct reports.

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