Managing availability requests

Everything you need to know about managing availability requests with SynergyHR

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Edition: Business, Enterprise

User-level: Managers with direct reports, Director and above

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It is easier than ever to manage all of your staff/teams availability requests with the Team availability register and calendar. You can approve, deny, adjust, or cancel all availability requests from one place in Synergy with SynergyHR.

Managing availability requests via the Team availability register

In the Team availability register, you can make changes to an availability request in two ways:

  1. Click on the Organisation drop down > Availability > Register.

  2. Click on the ellipsis icon.

You then have several options.

As System Administrator, when you click on your own name, you will only see the options "Edit details", "Set as Requested", and "Set as Cancelled".
This is because no one needs to approve your request.

2. Click on a row.

When you click on a row, a dialog will open.

  • Type - If an incorrect request was submitted, change it here.

  • Start and end dates - Use the date picker to change the dates.

  • Comment - You can add onto any comments already written. This text box does not support versioning, so make sure to initial your comments.

Managing availability requests via the Team availability calendar

As a manager with direct reports you can also manage availability requests by clicking on the purple backgrounds. This will open up a dialogue where you can change the status, the availability type, the period or add a comment. Click save to save your changes.

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