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Leave types

Everything you need to know about leave/availability types

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The ability to customise leave and unavailability types in your organisation gives you more transparency over where your team's time is being spent and allows for more powerful and tailored transaction reporting.

How do I manage availability types and categories?

Availability ‘types’ can be modified within the ‘Internal stages and tasks’ Settings page.

  1. Go to Organisation drop down menu > Settings > Timesheets > Internal project stages.

  2. Click the Add button to add a new Internal Stage or,

  3. Click on the Name of an existing Stage to enter the Stage information, here you can edit:

    • Stage name

    • Cost Centre

    • Discipline

    • Tasks - You can add new tasks, delete unused tasks, make used tasks inactive or make tasks active again.

      • Click the edit pencil on the Task line and click Edit to rename, mark as utilised(or unmark)

      • Click the Edit pencil on the Task line and click Delete to delete an unused task.

      • **(If a task has been used, you can only make it inactive).

    • Remember to save your changes.

Now you know how to add and manage your leave types in Synergy, you can continue to add and customise as your business needs require.

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