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Synergy HR makes managing your HR requirements simple. You can record important staff information; set-up customized leave policies & manage staff leave balances which are fully integrated with the Synergy project resourcing and timesheet systems. You can maintain a skills and qualifications register for each staff member to assist with their professional development as well as ensuring you've always got the right person for every project.

Staff personal details

Synergy HR allows you to record and store your staff members personal details such as date of birth, gender, marital status & private contact details.

You also have the ability to create staff custom fields if there is additional information you would like to record.

These details are stored within the staff member's employee dropdown within 'Synergy HR':

Leave Policies

With Synergy HR you have the ability to set up leave policies that are specific to your company and region. You can set up your leave policies from the Organisation drop down > Settings > Organisation > Synergy HR > Leave Policies

You can choose the policy type (Annual, Bereavement, Parental, Public Holiday, Time off in lieu, without pay, Personal / Carers), name the policy, choose the accrual schedule, choose whether the first accrual is prorated or the full amount, choose the accrual cycle, whether the carryover amount is capped or unlimited and whether or not you want to hide the policy leave balance from staff.

Managing Leave

With Synergy HR, you can manage your staff leave and unavailable time via the team availability register and calendar. Entries made via the register and calendar will automatically create the associated timesheets and the resource planning board will be populated with the unavailable time. You can add entries for yourself, for others (all staff/your team) or adjust existing entries. If you have created leave policies and assigned them to the relevant staff, the leave balances will be reflected in the register and calendar as you create/adjust entries so that you can see the impact the leave will have.
You can do this via the Organisation drop down > Availability > Register/Calendar

Creating an entry via the team register:

Creating an entry via the team calendar:

Skills and Qualifications

Synergy HR allows you to record relevant skills and qualifications within each staff member's profile. This feature enables you to stay up to date with your staff's expiring or non-expiring qualifications as well as listing out their skills to ensure you always have the right people on a project.
You can find this area within the staff dropdown > Synergy HR > Skills and Qualifications

There are two standard reports available to run to see this information across the whole business.
1. HR - Qualifications - by staff member

2. HR - Expiring Qualifications - by staff member

Once you've set up the above areas, you should feel confident that you're getting the most out of Synergy HR!

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