How to add a To-do to a note

Steps by step instructions on adding a To-do to a note.

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A very useful feature of Notes is the ability to add a to-do (or multiple!), you can set a To-do with a due date so that you're reminded, or just simply add a list of things you need to keep track of around your specific note, you also get the satisfaction of ticking things off as you go!

To add a To-do to a note, first go to your Notes by either:

  • Organisation drop down > My notes.

  • Synergy Dasboard widget > Notes.

Adding a To-do:

  1. Open your note (by clicking on the subject), and click on the "To-do" tab.

  2. Click the "Add" button.

  3. Fill in all of the information about your to-do:

    • Subject - a required field, this is a brief description to help you identify your to-do.

    • Description - help future-you remember what this to-do is by adding any information that relates to this task.

    • Start date - add one if it's a future date, if left blank it will fill in today's date.

    • Due date - when you'd like to complete this by.

    • Status - what stage is this to-do up to?

    • Assigned to - you can assign this to yourself, or to someone else in your organisation. This to-do will appear on the assignee's to-do list.

    • Notify - this is optional, add other staff you'd like to notify about this to-do.

    • Tags - if this relates to something you're already using a tag for, you can use that tag here, or simply add your own (or leave it blank).

  4. Click create, and your new to-do will be added to your Note's to-do list.

  5. Add any other to-do's to your list, and then click Save and close once you're finished.

Now the To-do has been added, it will appear in the Dashboard widget's "To-do" list, as well as in the main Organisation drop down > To-do, of the person who the To-do was assigned to.


  • You can click on any of the to-do's in the list to modify them, you can also add a comment to keep a running record of actions taken in this to-do.

  • When you have completed a To-do, just tick the box to the lefty of it, and it'll mark the To-do as done.

  • To-do's can not be deleted.

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