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Outlook Add-in Overview

The purpose of Synergy's Outlook Add-in and Functionality

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Synergy's free Outlook Add-in enables staff to file emails to their projects' document register, including email attachments. File important client emails and documents which your project team can access and review all in one central location.

The Purpose of the Outlook Add-in

The Synergy Outlook add-in provides users with the ability to file project related emails directly to their Synergy organisation from Outlook. Any attachments that have been included in an email can also be filed, either to the same project folder or a different folder.

All Staff users within a Synergy organisation can install and use the outlook Add-in, however this does not apply to Contacts who have been granted access to a Project via the Project portal.

Outlook Version Compatibility

The Outlook add-in is optimised for Office 365 version Outlook for Windows and Mac on Desktop.

Partial functionality is supported for older versions below: 

  • Outlook 2016 

  • Outlook 2019 

We highly recommend upgrading to the latest Outlook version on Office 365 to take advantage of the full add-in capabilities. 

How to Install the Outlook Add-in

Synergy's Outlook Add-in is available for the Outlook desktop app and web browser. Use the Browse Add-ins button, search for Synergy, then install.
More detailed steps can be found in the article: Installing the Outlook Add-in

How to File Emails

  1. With the Outlook add-in installed, open an inbound email you wish to file in Synergy.

  2. Look for the and select the Synergy Add-in icon.

    • If you're using the Outlook desktop app, you'll see a File option in the ribbon across the top of the page, along with the Synergy icon:

    • If you're accessing Outlook from your browser, the button will appear after selecting the ellipses button within the email.

  3. Select File to open the add-in as a sidebar, log in to Synergy, and from there you'll see the following:

  4. Synergy will suggest projects if the name or number is included in the subject.

    • You can otherwise select one from the Select from all projects option.

  5. Once the project is defined, check that the email is going to the right folder, copy attachments to a different folder if you wish, then select File in Synergy.

Note: You can also file outbound emails in the same way - a FIle on Send button will appear in the sidebar.

How to View and Download Emails

Once your emails have been filed, you can view them at any time from the project they've been filed to.

  1. Open the project then go to:
    Project dropdown menu to navigate to Project Information > Document Register

  2. Select the default emails folder to see a list of emails filed to the project

  3. When selecting an email from the list, you can view it in Synergy via the Preview area towards the bottom of the page. There is also an ellipses button in the preview, which will allow you to download the email as a text file or as an email file* (available if you're also using the Connect to Outlook feature) - If you have attachments, you will also have an option to download with all Attachments:

How to set up a Default Emails Folder

A default folder can be set up for all emails in a project, or across all new projects when editing the project folder structure.

To set a default email folder in a project:

  1. Open a project and go to the Document Register

  2. Hover over the folder you wish to update, select the Pencil icon, then select Edit:

  3. Tick the Default email folder box, then Save:

How to set up a Default Attachments Folder

When filing emails to Synergy, you can choose to file email attachments to a separate folder. Here's how to set up a default folder for your attachments:

  1. Open a project and go to the Document Register

  2. Hover over the folder you wish to update, select the Pencil icon, then select Edit

  3. Select the Default attachments folder box and Save:

Notes and Tips!

  • Use the pin in the top-right corner of the sidebar so it will appear whenever you open an email, allowing for easy email filing.

  • The Add-in will store your filed emails in a basic format, exporting the emails again will provide you with a copy of your email in a HTML format. If you want full a full .eml file, consider also enabling the Synergy Outlook Connector.

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