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Set up the folders that will be created with each new Synergy staff record for use with the staff document library and image gallery. The staff folders can be used to store documentation, drawings, emails, and images.

Getting started

Setup required before use


Who can use it?

Assistant administrator

System administrator

Where is it?

Settings > Templates > Staff folders

What are staff folders?

Folder templates allow you to setup the names of the folders and subfolders that will be automatically created by Synergy each time a new staff record is added. These folder locations are used by the staff documents tab and image gallery tab for storing documents and images in a centralized location.

Update the folder structure using the add or remove folder buttons in the toolbar, and this new folder will be included in any new records that are created in the future. Drag and drop folders to their required locations, or delete folders no longer required.

Why use staff folders?

Setup the default folder structure for storing staff documents, files, emails, and images.

Actions available

Add folders

Add a new folder to the template by:

  1. Click the 'add' button in the top right corner.

  2. Type the folder name.

  3. Leave the 'parent folder' blank if this will be at the top level, or select a folder if this should be a subfolder.

  4. Save.

  5. Add extra folders as required either by using the 'add' button again, or by clicking the row action button and choose 'add subfolder' option.


  • Click the drag button to move the folder by drag and drop to a different location in the list.

Delete folders

Remove a folder from the template and it won't be added to any new records. If the folder has already been used, then removing it from the template does not remove the folder from the document or image libraries. Delete a folder stops it from being included in document libraries for future records.

Delete a folder by:

  1. Find the folder in the folder templates list.

  2. Select the row action button on the right > choose the 'delete' option.

  3. Click 'delete' on the confirmation window.

  4. The selected folder has been deleted. Repeat for each other folder item that is not required.

Tip: You cannot delete a folder if there are any linked subfolders. Delete or move the subfolders and try again.

Edit a folder

Change the name of an existing folder in the template by:

  1. Click the row action button on the folder row you want to update.

  2. Delete the existing name, and type the new name for the folder.

  3. Save and close.

Folder structure tips

  • Add folders to either the top level or add subfolders.

  • Project folders are created once in each project (not repeated for each stage).

  • Folders are displayed in alphabetical order in Synergy. If you require a different order try numbering the folders 01, 02, 03 etc to force the folders to be shown in a set sequence.

  • Folders are created automatically with each new project, contact or staff record in Synergy based on the matching template.

  • If the folder structure is changed this can be applied as required within the open record using the rebuild folder option. This process will only add the missing folders to the structure, it does not delete any of the existing folders.

  • If no folder structure exists in the template then folders can be created manually added when required within the record instead using the 'Add folder' button.

Columns available

Details shown in the folder template list are

  1. Folder name The name of the folder is shown. Folders will appear in alphabetical order. Try prefixing the folders with 01, 02, 03 etc to force the folders to appear in the numbered order instead or alphabetical order.

Tip: Click the edit button on the right to change any of the details for that folder.

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