Credit returning to WIP

Return a portion of your invoice to WIP

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You can use credit returning to WIP when you have invoiced the client too much for a stage. Don’t worry though because you will still invoice them for the full amount in a future invoice.

To return the transactions to WIP:

  1. From the Invoice page, click on the ellipsis.

  2. Click on the Create or credit an invoice.

  3. Select the Credit return to WIP

  4. On the Draft return to WIP page, select the stage you want to return attached transactions to WIP. You are unable to add a value in the Credit field on this page.

Fixed fee and % of contract

You will need to have at least one transaction selected in the invoice.

You are not able to return transactions more than the total invoice value.

  1. Enter the amount in the adjusted ex tax field. This is the new amount you want to assign to this stage.

  2. Click Save and finalise.

  3. You will see this amount in the Adjust ex. Tax column. The Credit ex tax columns show you the percentage of the full amount and how much balance remains.

Capped rates

In the Capped rate with value change markup page, you will need to deselect the transactions you want to return to WIP.

What about hourly fees?

If you have hourly transactions you want to return to WIP, you can only select individual transactions and not an amount. The transactions left unchecked, are excluded from the WIP calculations.

You cannot cancel an invoice or create a credit note while there is a draft credit return to WIP attached to the invoice.

Invoices with Pre-billed amounts

You can now use the Credit return to WIP option on invoices that have pre-billed stages included. You will only be able to return transactions on stages without the pre-billed status even if they have had WIP added through the 'post-billing' function.

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