Project Financials
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Use the project financials tab to use a selection of reporting list views to get a snapshot of how your project is performing, along with cost and profitability details. For a full work breakdown project you can to compare the performance of each stage.

Project manager staff can see only standard costs, and director and administrator staff can see both the standard and actual cost options. Toggle the list between the different cost and profit reporting options to compare the results.

Cost reporting options

  • Standard costs - The baseline or lowest suggested value that each rate or expense item should be charged out at on an invoice and still make a profit.

  • Actual costs - Based on the salary cost details for the staff member, and the operating costs for the organization.

Profit reporting options

  • Gross profit - profit calculated using the invoiced values.

  • Markup profit - profit calculated using the actual costs.

Learn more about the cost and profit calculations.

Synergy has different financial list views available to let you see the data you require. Change what columns are shown using the list views, to compare and review the details about each project stage.

Reporting views available

  1. Summary (default)

  2. Budget summary

  3. WIP

  4. Capped rates

  5. Revenue

  6. Charge value

  7. Cost

  8. Invoiced profits

  9. Profit excluding or including WIP

Read more about the list view options and using the project financials tab.

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