Project List Overview
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Use the project list to find an existing project, add new projects, or search for projects. Use the views to alter the columns of project information shown in the list.

Setup required before use

Who can use it?

Where is it?

Project types




Assistant project manager*

Project manager

Director access

Assistant administrator

System administrator

*Can view projects only.

Project Manager level or higher required to add new projects.


What is the project list?

The project list shows all the projects in Synergy for your organization. Projects are created to store the information about a job that is being proposed or that has been won, to keep all the related information and documentation in one central location. Use projects list to open an existing project and:

  • Update the general details like site address or project manager.

  • Add extra people to the project contacts tab to add them into the project team so they can use the project portal.

  • Save or create new documents for the project.

  • Add phases and stages to the project to describe the work to be completed, and assign a billing method to each stage.

  • Enter the tasks for each stage, and assign the staff to work on the task and a due date.

  • Compare revenue budget targets against the actual chargeable and invoice values.

Why use the project list?

Manage all the project information in one central location, allowing you to track project costs, enter project budgets, report on project profitability, and manage the project invoices.

You can also use the project list as an early warning system to see any projects in distress. The star rating shows you the projects that are performing well and those that could use some closer monitoring.

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