80 articles
Changing the layout of a project documents folderhow to change you project document folder layout
Bulk assigning resource
Project Schedule Export
Stage management
Stage Management (Beta)
Restrict to specific ratesEverything you need to know about restricting timesheets to stage specific rates.
Project contacts
Deleting projects checklistSteps to follow before you delete a project
Managing active contactsHow to mark contacts as active or inactive as required
Project details
Project ListEverything you need to know about the project list page
Work breakdown overview
Create a proposal project
Managing active projects
Win/loss report
Change the project or stage status
Stage fee types
What is the milestone report page?
Project Permissions (by team)
How do I add a milestone?How to add a milestone in the Schedule
How do I change the milestone date?
How do I mark a milestone as complete?
What is a milestone?
Projects contacts tab overviewEverything you need to know about project contacts
Project contacts tab
Add a project contact
Adding staff to the project team
Selecting the main contacts in the project
Project portal accessHow portal access works, and how to configure access for contacts and staff
Re-sending portal invitationsHow to re-send a portal invitation
Portal invitation requestsHow portal invitation requests work
Approving or Declining a Portal Invitation RequestHow to approve and decline portal invitations
Editing the project contact
Changing the role of a project contact
Marking the project contact as 'Inactive'
Deleting the project contactHow to delete a project contact
Change the list view (contacts)
Project details tab overviewEverything you can see in the project details tab
Actions available for the project details tab
Changing the project numberHow to change a project number
Viewing and Copying Site address from contactHow to view addresses in project pages and copy the site addresses of project contacts
Updating the latitude/longitude details
File versions overview
Deleting a project
'Read Only' View Options
Project List Overview
How to create a new project from the project list
Billable and Non-Billable projectsThe difference between billable and non-billable projects in Synergy
Project Search Filter OptionsThe names and purposes of each filter available when searching for projects
Non-billable projects overview
Fee types overview
Project Status OverviewHow to use project statuses
Updating the stage statusHow to change the status of a stage
Complete and Unsuccessful Status Options and Transaction Write-offsHow to change the status of a project or stage to Complete or Unsuccessful, and how to write-off or restore transactions
Project structure overviewEverything you need to know about projects and their structure within Synergy
Adding a work breakdown, and configuring invoicing for each stage
Adding a template to an existing project
View all task comments
Update stage or task progress
Expanding and collapsing groupsHow do I expand and collapse groups?
Simple work breakdown overview
Simple work breakdown
Adding tasks to the work breakdownHow to add tasks to your project from the work breakdown
Updating task progressHow do I update task progress?
Updating staff level progress
Start a timerHow do I start a timer?
Allowing standard tasks on timesheets
Adding task comments
Viewing and editing task commentsHow to view and edit task comments
Change the project status
Manager and user views
Deleting tasksHow to delete a task from a project
Editing a taskHow do I edit a task?
Assigning WIP to a pre-bill
Switching the invoice layout
Add a phase, stage or task to the work breakdown
Deleting a stage
Creating a template from a project
Changing the Project managerHow do I change the project manager?