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Changing the Project manager
Changing the Project manager

How do I change the project manager?

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How to change the Project Manager:

Changing the Project Manager can be done from your Project Details page, to do this you can follow these steps:

1. From your Project Details screen, select [EDIT] on the top right of the page.

2. You'll now be able to see the current Project Manager, Select the [X] next to the current Project Managers name and then enter the new Project Manager.

3. Click [SAVE] - The new Project Manager will then be displayed under Contacts in the Project Details.

How to remove previous Project Manager from Project Contacts:

The previous Project Manager will still be listed on the Project as a Consultant - if you'd like to remove them, you can do this from the Project Contacts page.
To do this go to your Project Drop-down Menu and select Project Contacts:


Then select the pencil icon next to the previous Project Manager's name, then select 'Set inactive'.


The previous Project Manager will then be removed from the project (any changes that the staff member has made previously will not be removed).

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