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Creating a new non-billable project
Creating a new non-billable project

How to create a new non-billable project

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Edition: Professional, Business & Enterprise

User-level: Project Manager and above

Previous steps: N/A

Create a new non-billable project when you want to define project targets and track progress for internal tasks, such as marketing campaigns, internal training programs, or infrastructure upgrades.

To create a new non-billable project from the Project List, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the 'add' button in the top right corner.

  2. Type the project name.

  3. Uncheck the box 'is billable'. This makes the project a non-billable project.

  4. Click the image above to view adding a non-billable project.

  5. (Optional) Set a Project Status: choose if the project is proposed work not yet approved by management to start, or approved work that will start now as an active project. Learn more about project status options.

  6. (Optional) Set a Project type: choose the type of work that will be completed for this project. This is used as a reporting category. Learn more about project types.

  7. (Optional) Enter a Scope of works: type an overview of the goals for the project. This is shown to staff to explain the project on the project details and summary pages.

  8. (Optional) The Project Manager will default to the user creating the project. If you are not the project manager, click the 'X' next to your name and select an alternate staff member from the list. Only users with a Project Manager access level or higher can be selected as a project manager. You should select which staff member internally is responsible for managing the project goals and tasks.

  9. (Optional) Enter a Primary contact if there is a main external contact or third party that is sponsoring this project, then list that person as the primary contact. This can also be a staff member, and used to track the person who is sponsoring this project internally at your organization.

  10. (Optional) Enter a Site address: add your organization office address, or the location where the main project tasks will be completed.

  11. (Optional): Add Tags: add any extra data required for project reporting as tags. Type tag text and press enter or type a comma to complete the tag and add another.

  12. Click save

  13. A read only project summary page is shown. This project details page can be viewed by the project team as an overview of the scope of works for this project.

The new non-billable project has been added to your project list.

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