Creating a new billable project

How to create a new billable project

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Edition: Professional, Business & Enterprise

User-level: Project Manager and above

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Create a new billable project when you want to define project targets and track progress for proposal and active projects.

To create a new billable project from the Project List, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to: Projects list > Add to create a new project.
    All projects default to proposal status and being a billable project where you invoice the client.

    Create a proposal project with these five pieces of information:

    • Name - The name for the job that is shown on documents to the client and internally for your staff.

    • Office - This will default to the offfice you have set as your default office but can be changed if you have multiple offices.

    • Status - If the job will be set to proposal status or active status.

    • Project type - Choose what type of project it is or 'inherit from template' if you are going to apply a template to the project.

    • Default rate group - Choose the rate group that will default for the project, this can be changed on a stage level after you've created the project.

    • Start and end date - In order to get the most out of the planning tools in Synergy, put in a start date and a tentative end date for the project. This can be altered in the schedule after the project is created.

    • Scope of work - a description of the project that can be shown on your proposal document.

    • Is billable - Uncheck this box if the project is for internal office tasks, or leave it checked if this project has a client that you need to invoice.

    • Work breakdown template - Select a template to automatically create the stages and tasks for the work breakdown tab or select single stage to manually build your work breakdown.

    • Project manager - This will default to your name if you are creating the project but can be changed using the 'x' on the right hand side and selecting a new project manager.

    • Primary contact - Select the client that your team will contact about the project, and by default invoices will also be sent to.

    • Site address - The project location including latitude and longitude.

    • Tags - Add extra details about the project as tags.

    2. Extra fields for a proposal project (optional)
    Need to show extra details on your project?
    Use these additional fields to cover off these scenarios. You can enter the details below when setting up the proposal, or at anytime the project is in Synergy.

    • Client reference number - Enter the client issued unique number for the project, if this needs to be shown on proposal or invoice documents sent back to the client.

    • Custom project number - Select an alternate project prefix, or enter a specific project number and suffix combination for the new proposal project. Learn more about project numbers.

    • External name - If the client needs a specific name for the project to be shown on invoice or proposal documents.

    • Invoice contact - Select who the invoice should be sent to, when this is a different person to the primary contact.

    • C / O contact - Select who the invoice should be sent care of (if applicable).

    • You can also create additional Custom Fields.

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