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System Administrator Guide

How to use Synergy

Updated over a week ago

Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: System Administrator

Learn the basics of Synergy’s cloud solution and how to setup your organisation as a System Administrator.

‘Using Synergy’ Introduction Video

After setting up your Synergy organisation or System Administrator staff member, go to Organisation drop down > Settings > Organisation > Getting Started to view the below video and more:

Organisation and Profile

  • Update the organisation details like the address and phone numbers

  • Upload the organization logo

  • Update your user profile details like adding a social login and a profile picture


  • Create contacts - for all clients, suppliers, and external project contacts

  • Import contacts using MS Excel

  • Import contacts using Connect - import using Xero, or MYOB, or QBO.

  • (Optional) Edit contact list drop-downs details

Rates and Financials

  • Update the default charge out rate values

  • Review the overtime rates

  • Edit the default financial control settings

  • Check the default tax rates provided


  • Create new staff records

  • Select the available charge-out rates to used by each staff member

  • Enter the staff salary cost details

  • Add working hours in the staff calendar


  • Add billable projects

  • Add non-billable projects

  • (Optional) Edit project list drop-down details

  • (Optional) Import projects and project financials using Excel


  • Entering timesheets

  • Starting timers

  • Submit staff expense claims

  • Using the Internal project


  • Edit the default folder structures for; Projects, Contacts, Staff

  • View and update the sample Word document templates

  • Add work breakdown templates

Invoices and Bills

  • Create project invoices

  • Enter invoice payments

  • Record supplier bills

  • Enter office item expenses


  • Read the Synergy documents overview

  • Upload project documents

  • View the project images in a gallery view

  • (Optional) Upload contact documents

  • (Optional) Upload staff documents


  • Enable portal access for project contacts

  • Share documents and images to the portal

  • View whats happening in the project using the project portal feed

  • Chat with the project team


  • Using Synergy standard reports

  • Add report filters, sorting, or grouping

  • Export the results to a PDF or Excel file

  • Creating custom report layouts

  • Share custom report layouts with your team

Accounting Add-ons

  • Configure; Synergy Connect, Xero Connect, MYOB AccountRight LiveConnectQuickBooks, Online (QBO) Connect

  • Run the sync to your accounting system

You are able to set up your Synergy organisation as the System Administrator to ensure you and the team can use Synergy to its full for your organisation.

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