New Starter's Guide

Use this article to learn the basics of Synergy as a new starter in your Organisation.

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: All User Levels

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If you are new to your organisation or just starting to learn about Synergy, use this guide to help you get started. In this guide, we have collated a list of the main features you may want to become familiar with during your onboarding process, to make it as easy as possible to follow along. Simply click on the link below each feature to read more about it in our Help Centre.

Watch the 'Using Synergy' Introduction Video

New Starter Checklist

1. User Profile

  • Check your contact details

  • Upload a profile picture

  • Update staff details

Learn about User Profiles

2. Navigation

  • Menus

  • Desktop vs mobile views

  • Sorting, searching and filters

Learn about Navigating Synergy

3. Timesheets and timers

  • Enter your weekly timesheets

  • Track tasks using timers

  • Staff cash and travel expense claims

Learn about Timesheets and Expenses

4. Contacts

  • Contact types - companies, personnel, and individuals

  • Creating contacts

  • Tips for using contacts

Learn about Adding Contacts

5. Projects

  • Project types - Billable vs non-billable projects

  • Creating a basic project overview

  • Tips for using projects

Learn about Projects

6. Documents

  • Project documents and images

  • Contact documents

  • Staff documents

Learn about Documents

7. Portals

  • Portal navigation

  • Portals overview

  • Chat with project contacts

  • Document sharing

Learn about using Project Portals

8. Invoices and bills

  • Create invoices

  • Create supplier bills

  • Payments for invoices and supplier bills

Learn about Invoices and Bills

9. Reports

  • Reporting overview

  • Running reports

  • Create custom reports

Learn about Synergy Reports

System Administrator's Guide

If you are setting up Synergy as the Subscription Owner or System Administrator, read the System Administrator's Guide along with the Organisation Set Up section of our Knowledge Base, on how to setup Synergy for a new organisation.

Invoices can only be created by users with Project Manager access or higher. Find out more about what users can access the Staff Security Matrix.

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