How to add Contacts

A how-to in adding new contacts to your organisation. This includes company, personnel and individual contacts.

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: All users

Contacts in Synergy is where you'll record all of the details about the people that you deal with such as companies, clients, individuals, suppliers, local government, subcontractors etc.

How to add a contact:

  1. Click Organisation drop down > Contacts

    or click "Active Contacts" on the Stats bar

  2. Click the green add button and select a type

    • Company - A registered business which employees staff. e.g. ABC Constructions, XYZ Builders.

    • Personnel - The staff that work at the company are entered in Synergy as personnel records. e.g. create David Brown who works for ABC Constructions (company contact).

    • Individual - Store the details of a person or client that you deal with that is not a registered business. e.g. Mr & Mrs Smith who requires some alterations to their house.

  3. Fill in all details related to your contact, if it is a personnel you can add them to the Parent Company they work for.

  4. You can now save your contact, or you can continue to creating another contact by clicking the arrow and selecting the next type of contact you wish to create

This contact can now be used in projects, invoices, documents, reports, and syncing to your payment system.


If you would like additional fields for your contact information, you can add Custom Fields.

You can convert any type of contact into different contact type by going into the contact card, choosing the ellipsis(...) and choosing "Convert to a".

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