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Contact spreadsheet import guide
Contact spreadsheet import guide
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**Pro tip: Split your contact import into small batches for easy troubleshooting. The import can be run at any time and as many times as required**

Contact types

Company - Businesses that you work with.

Personnel - People that work within the companies you work with.

Individual - People you work with that are not associated with other companies, like external contractors and suppliers.

Understanding the import format

  • Columns marked blue are mandatory.

  • Columns marked green are optional. We recommend adding as much detail as possible. Contacts can only be updated manually in Synergy after they are imported.

  • Do not change the formatting anywhere in the sheet (e.g. number, date, currency etc).

  • Do not enter data beyond the last column of the table within the 'Contacts' sheet.

  • Do not rearrange the order of columns.

  • Do not rename the columns.

  • Use 'Skip' in column A to skip the record during import. Any row that contains 'Import' or is left blank will be imported.

  • Do not change the sheet order within the workbook. If formulas, lookups or a general place to paste data is required, create an additional sheet and position it after the sheet labelled 'Contacts'.

**Unique ID

Unique ID's allow you to store a number for each contact in Synergy, which is used by accounting add-ons to match the contacts on the unique id number when the names for the contacts differ in both systems e.g. in Synergy the contact is called 'ABC Constructions', and in Xero or MYOB AccountRight Live the contact is called 'ABC Constructions Pty Ltd'.

If this column is left blank, Synergy will auto-assign a unique ID for you.

If you are using Xero, MYOB AccountRight Live or Quickbooks and use unique or card IDs, please consider exporting your contact list from your financial system to retain the ID.

Importing a Company

  • 'Company Name' must be populated

  • Person title, person first name and person last name must be left blank.

  • 'Type' set as 'Company'.

Importing Personnel

  • 'Company Name' populated to identify which company the personnel belongs to.

  • 'Person Title', 'Person First Name' and 'Person Last Name' must be populated.

  • Typeset as 'Personnel'.

Importing Individual

  • 'Company Name' must be blank

  • 'Person Title', 'Person First Name' and 'Person Last Name' must be populated.

  • Type set as 'Individual'


Before importing

Above examples available in import spreadsheets under Organisation > Settings > Organisation > Data import > Excel Import.

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