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Contact Unique ID's
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Unique ID's allow you to store a number for each contact in Synergy, which is used by Accounting add-ons to match the contacts on the unique id number when the names for the contacts differ in both systems e.g. in Synergy the contact is called 'ABC Constructions', and in Xero or MYOB AccountRight Live the contact is called 'ABC Constructions Pty Ltd'.


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Contacts > Details


  • Enable unique id's to be used by Synergy Accounting add-ons for matching the contact records.

  • Use the organization settings to enable Accounting add-ons to your accounting system. e.g. Xero, MYOB AccountRight Live.

What are contact unique ID's?

Automatically assign a unique ID to all the new contacts at once, or to update all the existing contact records to use a new id sequence. Unique ID's are used by Accounting add-ons to match the contact record in Synergy to the contact record in your accounting system (e.g. MYOB, Xero, QBO).

Accounting add-ons requires unique Id's if:

  • The contact name entered in Synergy is different to the contact name entered in the accounting system, such as MYOB AccountRight Liveor QuickBooks Online. e.g. in Synergy the contact is named 'ABC Constructions' and in MYOB the contact is called 'ABC Constructions Pty Ltd'.

  • If the Synergy contact record will be used for both invoices (sales income) and expenses (bills and staff expenses). Required for MYOB AccountRight Live and QuickBooks Online.

  • When using Xero Accounting add-ons unique Id's are mandatory on all contact records.

Why use contact unique ID's?

Map the Synergy contact to your accounting system's contact record when using Accounting add-ons to transfer invoices or expenses.

Assign unique ID's to contacts

Unique ID's allow you to store a number for the contact in Synergy, and be able to search for an view the same number your accounting system like MYOB or Xero. Use the batch update for unique ID's feature to assign a number to all contact records that are missing a unique ID number. Or you can edit a single contact record, and add the required number into the 'unique id'. When you save the contact edit screen it checks that the number you entered is unique across all contact and staff records entered for your organization.

  1. Go to: Contacts.

  2. Click the contact row to be updated.

  3. Click the edit button.

  4. Locate the field 'unique ID' and enter a number. e.g. 9876 or AB987.

  5. Save.

Tip: The ID entered must be unique across all the contact and staff records for your Synergy organization.

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