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How to create and disburse a bill

Guide to creating a bill and disbursing it to a project

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How to create a bill for an external invoice, and to disburse this cost to a project.

Create a bill

  1. From the dashboard go to the Main Menu > Bills. This will be the list of all bills created.

  2. Click Add at the top right of the screen.

  3. In the top half of the screen, enter the details of the bill that you have received (bill contact, bill invoice number, dates, etc.)

    *If your organization has multiple offices, you can select it using the office field. This field will default to the primary office of the person entering the bill.

  4. The next section is where you will enter the bill line items:

    Line description - enter the details of what has been charged to you (e.g. "Environmental report Lot #22435")

    Expense type - select the expense type for the bill. (Additional expense types can be created under the Main Menu > Settings > Project lists > Expense types)

    Units - the number of units on the bill. e.g 4 hours of work would be entered as 4 units

    Unit value - the cost per hour or cost per item

    Tax rule - the tax rule from the received bill.

  5. Click Save at the top right.

Disburse a bill to a project

  1. Click the Disburse option next to the units in the bill line.

  2. A new section is created underneath the bill line. You can choose to split the number of units across multiple projects/stages or across several stages of one project.

    Disburse to project - Select the project you wish to disburse the bill items to

    Stage - Select the stage underneath the selected project that the bill items will be assigned to

    Rate - Select the mark-up rate that will be applied to the bill transaction. (Additional rates can be created under the Main Menu > Settings > Financial > Rates) Please contact your Synergy system administrator if the required rate is not available.

    Status - Once disbursed this will show you the status of the bill transaction (WIP, Invoiced, etc.)

    Units - Enter the number of units you wish to disburse to this project and stage.

    Value - The total value of all the units in this disbursal line (units selected x unit value)

    3. Lock the bill to prevent any further edits and save.


Once you have disbursed the bill line, you can see the resulting transaction on the Transactions screen for the project.

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