Office expenses
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Enter office expenses for project-related tasks that your team complete. Office expense transactions can be on-charged to your client on project invoices.

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Office expenses

Project > Transactions > Add office expense

What are office expenses?

Office expenses are fixed-cost items that you produce in your office for project-related tasks. The office expense items are shown in the list of project expense transactions and can be on-charged to your client on a project invoice.


  • Printing black & white or color - per page charge $3.00

  • Photocopying - per page charge $1.00

  • Binding - $10.00 per document

  • Presentation kits - $50 per kit

  • Survey equipment hire - $180 per day rate

Create a different office item rate for each variation of these office tasks you want to on-charge the costs for. Such as a different office item for each paper size (e.g. letter, A3, A4, B1, A0), document types, photocopying type, or binding.

Why use office expenses?

Track all the related project expenses for tasks completed within your office, and on-charge these costs to clients on project invoices.

Actions available

Add an office expense

  1. Go to: Organization menu > Office expenses.

  2. Start entering a new office expense row on the entry row is shown with the green plus symbol.

  3. Select the project that the expense is related to.
    e.g. Internal project for internal tasks, or select the relevant billable or non-billable project from the drop-down list.

  4. Select the stage.

  5. (Optional) Select a project task to link the expense against.

  6. Select the rate. This controls the per-unit fixed cost for the type of expense. e.g. Printing color A4 - $3 per unit.

  7. Type a note to describe the reason for the expense. This can be shown on the project invoice to the client and seen by the project team in the transactions tab.

  8. Select the transaction invoice date from the calendar.

  9. Type the number of units. This is used to calculate the total for the expense. e.g. If 5 x A4 color pages were printed then 5 units are entered here.

  10. Save.

Delete an office expense

The delete an office expense option is only available if the office expense line has not yet been invoiced. If the saved line has already been invoiced then the row action button is hidden.

  1. Go to: Organization > Office expenses.

  • Single row - Click the row action button and select 'delete'.

  • Multi-row - Select the checkbox(es) on the row left for each item you want to delete. Then choose 'delete' in the select an action box in the bottom bar shown on the screen.

2. The list is refreshed and the office expense(s) have been deleted.

Columns available

Details are shown in the office expenses list

  1. Project - Select the project the office expense transaction will be linked to. This can be any billable or non-billable project for the open organization. If the expense is not linked to any of these projects then link it to the internal project, which is used to track non-specific internal costs.

  2. Stage - Select which stage from the project this expense was completed for.

  3. Task - Optional field that allows you to choose which project task the expense is related to.

  4. Rate - Select the fixed cost rate. This controls the per-unit cost with which the expense cost is calculated.

  5. Note - Type a description of what the expense was for, which can be shown on the invoice to the client.

  6. Invoice date - Select the transaction date for the expense. This controls what date (and invoicing period) the expense will be shown within the project.

  7. Units - Type the number of units. E.g. 2 days rental for the surveying equipment, or 5 pages of color printing.

  8. Total - The total value is the rate of fixed cost value times the number of units. E.g. $180 per day for equipment rental is the rate fixed cost. The equipment is rented for 2 days (2 units). Total cost is $180 x 2 = $360.00.

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