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How to create additional office expense charge rates

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What are Office expenses?

Office expenses are fixed-cost items that you produce in your office for project-related tasks. The office expense items are shown in the list of project expense transactions and can be on-charged to your client on a project invoice.


  • Printing black & white or color - per page charge $3.00

  • Photocopying - per page charge $1.00

  • Binding - $10.00 per document

  • Presentation kits - $50 per kit

  • Survey equipment hire - $180 per day rate

Why use Office expenses?

Track all the related project expenses for tasks completed within your office, and on-charge these costs to clients on project invoices.

How to add an office expense rate type

Follow the steps below to add a new Office expense.

  1. Go to Organisation drop down > settings > financials > rates.

  2. Click the Add button, then select Office expense.

  3. Give the new rate a name and then add the fixed cost and charge value.

  4. The office expense rate will be applied to the standard rate group as a default. You can also add them to any additional rate groups required.

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