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Cash and travel expenses
Cash and travel expenses

What are cash and travel expenses?

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Cash and travel expenses are used to enter the out-of-pocket expenses that you have already paid for and need reimbursement.

Enter expenses that relate to project tasks or billable project work, or enter expenses for internal items or tasks using the internal project or a non-billable project.

Cash expenses are variable cost items where the total expense value can vary each time the expense occurs. Cash expenses use a markup rate, which controls the markup % applied to the transaction shown in the project.

Travel expenses are fixed cost items, where the value paid back to the staff member is the same value per unit each time it is claimed.

Travel expenses use a fixed charge-out value rate, where the transaction value is calculated based on the number of units entered when entering the travel expense.


  • Cash expenses are variable cost items like taxis, flights, accommodation, fuel, or stationery that the staff has paid out of their own pocket and need to be reimbursed.

  • Travel expenses are fixed cost items like such as mileage for the company car, road tolls, or a daily per diem rate paid for each day of work travel.

Getting started with expenses

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Assistant project manager

Project manager

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Timesheets > Cash expenses

Timesheets > Travel expenses

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