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Editing cash and travel expenses
Editing cash and travel expenses

How can I edit a cash or travel expense?

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Edit a cash or travel expense

Update a cash or travel expense if the incorrect details were entered by mistake. Edit an expense row by:

  1. Open the cash or travel expenses to the week you want to update the expense within.

  2. On the expense row that you want to update, click the row action button and select the 'edit details' option.

  3. This unlocks the fields on the expense row. Update as required.

  4. Save the expense once all required changes have been made.

Transaction status options that allow edit

Status option

Edit allowed




Transactions default to WIP status when created.



Transactions linked to a draft or finalised invoice cannot be edited in staff timesheets.

Written-off (no billing fee type stages)


Transactions are automatically written-off when entered for a no-billing fee type stage. Edit is allowed for this type of write-off.

Written-off (billable stage fee types)


Transactions are written-off by the project manager in the project > transactions tab. This type of write-off does not allow any further edits of the expense.



The transaction has been queried by the project manager and requires to be updated before it can be included on any project invoices. Edit is allowed.



The transaction has been locked by the project manager in the project > transactions tab. Edit is not allowed.

Expenses for multiple days of the week

When an expense row is entered across multiple days of the week, what edit options are allowed will vary based on the status for each of the transactions created for that row.

  • Edit allowed - all fields on the expense row are unlocked and can be edited.

  • Edit disabled - add extra expenses to the unlocked days of the week by entering the cash expense value or travel expense number of units. If the day of the week is 'locked' then that days transaction has had its status changed by the project manager to a status that does not allow further editing (see the above table). The other fields on the transaction row cannot be changed (e.g. project details, note, expense type, rate, and value/units on any invoiced days of the week).


One timesheet row has been entered with 2 hours for Monday and 3 hours for Tuesday.

Synergy creates a separate transaction in the project for each day of the week entered on the timesheet line - one for Monday and another for Tuesday.

The project manager has invoiced the transaction on Monday for 2 hours.

When the staff member tries to amend the timesheet transaction, they can update:

  • The number of hours on Tuesday.

  • Add hours to the other days of the week - Wednesday to Sunday.

Edit is not allowed for the timesheet note, project, stage, task, or rate.

If a timesheet needed to be entered for Wednesday in the above scenario with a different note, for example, the user would need to add an extra timesheet row to the list.

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