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Removing cash or travel expenses
Removing cash or travel expenses

How can I remove a cash or travel expense?

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Delete an expense entry

To remove a cash or travel expense entry, remove the value from a day in the week. Over-type the value or number of units with the number 0, and the linked transaction for that day of the week is removed. Remove the values/units from all the days of the week, and the expense row is deleted.

Remove a timesheet entry by:

  1. Locate the expense row you want to delete.

  2. Click into the cell for the day of the week you want to remove.

  3. Delete the entered value or unites, so that 0 is shown in that field. e.g. $200.00 cash value or 200 units were entered, delete the value 200 from the field and 0 value/units are shown.

  4. Save.


  • Change the value/units to 0 to remove the expense entry from that day of the week.

  • Deleting the entered value/units from every day of the week will delete the entire row of that expense.

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