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Setup portal access for project contacts
Setup portal access for project contacts
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Before you start using the project portal you need to invite the required contacts and staff. Use the project contacts tab to setup your project team that require portal access. The external contacts will receive an email message inviting them to start using the portal when access is granted, so you may want to wait until you have the project portal setup with shared project documents before you send out the invitation.

Portal access for project contacts has three security options: full, restricted and none.

  • No access - contact with no access cannot open the portal.

  • Restricted - contacts with restricted access can only download items that have been shared with them, and chat with staff in the portal. They cannot chat with other external contacts, or post comments to all portal contacts.

  • Full - contacts with full access can use all the portal features, and see all the external contacts and staff in the project team.

Use the project contacts tab to setup portal access by:

  1. Add each of the internal staff members that are part of the project team.

  2. Add the client and their team as a company contact and personnel.

  3. Add other external contacts that you want to have included in the portal for the project. e.g. Supplier, subcontractors, council etc.

  4. Select the '...' button in the top right of the project contact tab and select 'change portal access'.

  5. Update the 'portal access' column for each of the project contacts and staff, so that each team member has the required portal access.

  6. Save.

Give staff portal access and the project portal appears in their portal list. If they are not granted portal access they can still open the portal from within the open project.

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