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This article will explain how to view all of your organisations in Synergy.

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: All users

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In Synergy it is possible to be linked to multiple Organisations. Any Organisation you've signed up to using the same email address you have logged in with, or have linked in your user profile, will come up in your Organisations list.

This also goes for being invited to view Portals (ie. someone external where you have been added to a Project's Project Portal).

You can manage them all in the same place, and switch between them easily.

To switch from one Organisation to Another:

  1. From the Organisation drop down, click "Switch Organisation".

  2. Click on the Organisation you want to enter.

    • In the below screenshot, this Synergy user is a staff member (System Admin/Owner) in each of the Organisations below.

Do I add organisations for multiple offices in my company?

No, you do not need to add another Organisation if you have multiple offices. In the Enterprise product, you can add multiple offices within your Organisation. Adding another Organisation is for an entirely separate company. For example, if you have acquired another business, you can set them up inside of Synergy as a separate Organisation.

Can I share resources or any project information between different Organisations?

No, your different Organisations are completely separate, nothing is shared between them.

Can I have multiple staff on multiple Organisations?

Yes, as long as they have been added as a staff member to the other Organisation they can access it. You can also have different Organisations subscribed to different product editions. For example, one organisation could be subscribed to business and the other, Enterprise.

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Set up Multi-Office(*Enterprise only)

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