What is Synergy?

An overview of what Synergy is, who it is for, and what it can do for your organisation.

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If you have just started your journey with Synergy, you may still be wondering what Synergy is, and how can it help you achieve the best outcome for your organisation?

This overview will give you a bit of context and answer these important fundamental questions, before you begin your onboarding process.

What is Synergy?

Synergy software is designed to streamline your business operations, and deliver your projects on time, on budget, and to a profit. Synergy collates all of your practice data into a single platform, providing a clear and precise view on the health of your business.

Who uses Synergy?

Synergy can be used by professional service organisations who sell time-based services such as architects, engineers, construction and design professionals, as well as professional service providers.

What does Synergy do?

Synergy manages the time, costs, work, and people associated with delivering services to clients. Features include:

  • Time and expenses management

  • Project accounting and invoicing

  • Project management

  • Reporting

  • Document management and image asset galleries

  • MYOB AccountRight Live & QuickBooks Online & Xero integration

  • Excel integration for reporting

Synergy is the perfect solution to managing all of your business operations, allowing users to focus on what they're really passionate about and have #moretimefordesign.

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