Enabling Add-ons

This article will explain in steps how to enable addons in your Synergy account

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: System Administrator

Previous steps: Account Owner

Synergy allows you edit and customise the different Add-ons enabled for your Organisation. Any product edition (Professional, Business or Enterprise) can purchase any of the Synergy Add-ons. You can enable and disable Synergy Add-ons at any time.

Add-ons available in Synergy:

  • Fieldbook **

  • Sharepoint Document Control *

  • Premium API *

  • Wiise *

  • Sage *

  • Synergy HR *

  • Synergy CRM *

  • Analytics Plus *

*When you purchase an Add-on, it is purchased for all users.

**When you purchase Fieldbook, it is purchased on a per-user basis.

How to purchase/enable a new Add-on:

  1. Click on the Organisation drop down > Subscription

  2. Click "Change product, users or storage"

  3. Then tick the box next to each Add-on that you want to use (or untick to remove) within your Synergy Organisation.

  4. Click "Calculate" to see the new monthly total of your account.

  5. Scroll back up the top of the page and Click "Next"

  6. On the payment Invoice page on the far right hand corner click "Pay Now"


  • You will be charged pro-rata amount for any add-on you enable for the amount of time it is enabled

  • If you'd like to discuss or demo any of our add-ons, please reach out and this can be organised for you!

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