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Account Owner

Everything you need to know about being your Synergy account owner

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: System Administrator
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The account owner in Synergy is, by default, the person that signed up for the trial of Synergy, or was nominated as the owner during a migration from V4 to Synergy Cloud.
Only the current account owner can change the organisation's account owner, they are also responsible for subscription changes and billing.


As the account owner, you are generally responsible for:

  • Primary contact point for your organisation in Synergy

    • You will receive any major notifications from Total Synergy

  • Setting up the organisation

  • Accepting Terms & Conditions

    • This is important to note, if you do not accept these, other users of your organisation will not be able to use Synergy.

  • Adding and inviting staff to use Synergy

  • Managing Subscription

    • You can add/remove users

    • You can add/remove add-ons

    • You can upgrade and downgrade the Edition of Synergy

  • Billing

    • If a payment fails, you will be notified

    • You can download invoices

    • You can change or update credit card information

How to change the account owner

Perhaps you are leaving the organisation, or someone else is better suited to be the account owner. You can change the account owner following the below steps.

  • Go to Organisation drop down > Subscription

  • Click "Change account owner"

  • Select a new owner from the drop down list.

    • In order to select a new account owner, the nominated staff member needs to be a System Administrator in Synergy. You can change the security access level from within their staff details page.

    • If your account owner is no longer with the organisation and no one has access to the account or email, please contact Total Synergy support for additional assistance.

Now you know what a Synergy Account Owner is and can do! Make sure you choose the right person to be your account owner as they will need to be available to make any major changes, and accept terms and conditions should they change in the future.

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