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Staff Overview

Everything you need to know about managing staff in Synergy.

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Edition: Professional, Business, Enterprise

User-level: Director, Assistant administrator, System administrator

Previous steps: Adding a new staff member

This article is going to walk you through everything you need to know about a Staff file in Synergy so you get the most out of setting up new staff as well as editing existing staff.

Staff register

You can view all of your Staff member's staff files in the staff register.

To view the staff register go to organisation drop down menu > staff.

Here you can view staff basic information such as name, email address, job title and who this staff member reports to.

Search the staff register:

  1. Select the search icon in the top right hand corner.

  2. Type the staff member's name in the search bar.

  3. Click search.

Filter the staff register:

  1. Select the search icon in the top right hand corner

  2. Choose a filter from the dropdown menus (you can apply multiple filters).

  3. Click search.

Filters available:

All Levels: this allows you to filter by user access level

All types: filter by staff cost type

Active: show either active, inactive or all staff

All Offices: show only staff assigned to a specific office

Custom field: show staff that have a specific custom field attached to their profile

Tags: Type specific tags in to show any staff that have this tag attached to their profile

You can also change the View here as well.

Staff details

You can view staff basic details including name, email, team, office and who they report to in the staff details tab.

  1. Go to organisation drop down menu > Staff.

  2. Click into the staff member you would like to see the details of.

Edit Staff details

To edit the staff details select 'edit' in the top right hand corner.

On the edit details screen you can edit staff titles, name, who they report to, their user access level, email and phone number.

Actions available on the staff details page

  • View the address in Google Maps

  • Call the phone number

  • Email the staff member

  • Skype call the staff member

  • View the Twitter account

  • View the Linked In account

  • Go to the audit log for the open staff member

Staff Projects

The staff projects list shows all of the projects that this staff member has been added to as a Project Manager or Contact.

To access staff projects click into the Employee menu > Projects

Or click on the "xx Projects" in the Stats bar.

Staff Personal Details

The Staff Personal details page shows private details you do not want to be seen by the whole organisation such as staff personal email and home address.

To access Staff Personal details select Employee menu > Personal > Personal details.

Edit personal details

To edit personal details select 'Edit' in the top right hand corner.

Here you can update home address, phone number and private number.

You can also add personal notes to this staff member from the personal details screen.

To do this, select 'Add' to the right hand side of the notes tab.

Staff Calendar

Use the staff calendar to define which days of the week a staff member works and how many hours per day.

Employee menu > Personal > Calendar

Or click on the "xx Hours per week" on the stats bar.

Update the working days/hours

  1. Set the 'start' date for when these working hours will begin.

  2. Enter the number of hours to be worked against each day of the week

  3. Save.

Undo the last change

You can undo last change to remove any mistakes made in the staff calendar.

Select the '...' in the top right hand corner > Undo last change

Notes and todos

Add notes against the staff members profile of any phone calls or meetings you have with that staff member

Employee menu > Personal > Notes and todos

Add Note

To add a new note select 'Add' in the top right hand corner of the notes and to-do screen.


Use the staff documents tab to create or store any staff documents, such as performance reviews and certificates.

Employee menu > Personal > Documents

Or click on "x Staff Documents" in the stats bar.

Add staff document

Select 'Add files' in the top right hand corner and upload a document from your computer

Create staff document

Select create in top right hand corner > Staff document

Choose the staff document you would like to create

Staff Rates

The staff rates tab allows you to define which rates are available for staff members to select on their timesheet.

Employee menu > Financials > Rates

Check the box 'Is primary' against the default staff rate.

The primary rate will be the default rate when staff add time to a timesheet, it will also be the only rate they can use when adding time against an Internal project.

Check the 'selected' box next to any additional rates that this staff member requires to use in their timesheet.

Note: If you're updating someone's Primary rate, do this at the end of the work week when the timesheet is complete for the week; removing the Primary rate, or a Rate in general can cause issues when they can no longer use this rate and go to add time.

Overtime rates

Overtime rates allow staff to track hours in their timesheets from public holidays or any extra hours they work

Employee menu > financials > overtime rates

Checking the 'primary' box will determine the default overtime rate for timesheet entry.

Check the 'Selected Rates' box for each overtime rate that the staff member needs to use when entering their timesheets.

Staff Cost

Edit the cost per hour for the staff member, or the salary package details. Use the staff cost details for reporting on the actual cost of the staff transactions.

Edit Staff Costs

Employee menu > staff financials > cost

Select 'Add staff cost' on the bottom right hand side of the screen.

This will allow you to edit the effective from date, the salary type, availability, utilisation, target utilisation and overhead adjustment.

Undo last change

To undo any mistakes within the staff cost settings, select the '...' in the top right hand corner > Undo last change

Temporary files

The temporary files tab stores any reports this staff member has downloaded.

Employee menu > temporary files

Staff audit

The staff audit tracks the creation and any edits made to the staff profile including changes made to:

  • Assigned office

  • Assigned rates

  • Assigned teams

  • Staff Calendar

  • Staff costs

  • Any documents created in or added to Synergy

Employee menu > Audit

The staff audit shows:

  • Date: The date and time the edit was made to the staff profile

  • User: which user made the edit to the staff profile

  • Test: an outline of the edit made to the staff profile

Now you know all you need to be able to keep track of your staff member's personal information in their staff profile.

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