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Projects (external and internal) have Rates associated with them, when a staff member adds time they need to define the work they did by using a Rate they have assigned to them.

This article will walk you through how to add rates (primary and secondary/additional rates) so that your staff can accurately log the time they have spent on Projects they've worked on.

What is the staff rates tab?

The staff rates tab allows you to define which rates are available for staff members to select on their timesheet. For each staff member you will need to assign which rates should be the primary rate, and select any additional staff rates that the staff member needs to enter in their timesheets.

Where is the staff rates tab?

  1. Organisation drop down menu > Staff.

  2. Click into the staff profile you would like to edit the rates of.

  3. Employee menu > Staff financials > Rates

How to assign a new primary rate

Each staff record must have a primary rate assigned before they can enter staff timesheets. This is the rate that defaults onto each timesheet row that they create.

Select a primary rate by:

  1. Open the staff record > Employee menu > Staff financials > Rates

  2. Check the box 'primary' against the default staff rate.

  3. Save.

How to assign additional rates to staff

Many staff complete different types of work, and due to this, they need to have extra rates attached to their staff record. These additional selected rates can be used by the staff member when they are entering their timesheets. Add extra staff rates by:

  1. Open the staff record > Employee menu > Staff financials > Rates

  2. Check the 'selected' box next to any additional rates that this staff member requires to use.

  3. Save.

Now you can update, change, and add rates as required over the course of a staff member's employment.


  • Updating rates! - "After updating rates, Staff are getting an error when adding to timesheets"

    A common problem people have when they update a rate and remove an old rate is the old rate is no longer available for a staff member to use, when this happens and a timesheet is updated they will get an error stating the rate doesn't exist.

    To avoid this happening, remove old rates only after the timesheet week has ended and the staff member's timesheet will no longer need editing that week, until then ensure the previously assigned rate is at least ticked as "Selected".

  • Primary Rate - "My rate keeps reverting to the Primary rate after I save my timesheet"

    This happens when time is added against an Internal Project - you can not use an alternative rate when logging time against an Internal Project, you will only ever be able to use your Primary Rate.

  • Stage Specific Rates - "No rates are coming up when I try to add time against __ Project".

    If there are stage specific rates set up on a Project, you will need to ensure the rates you're allowing (have made specific) on the project are assigned to the staff that need to add time against it. If they do not have any of the rates allowed on the stage, they will not be able to add time against it. To fix this you can either: Add their rate as one of the stage specific rates, or you can add one of the rates to their assigned rates.

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