Staff rates
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Use this tab to add the rates that this staff member requires to use within their timesheets.


Setup required before use

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Staff > Rates tab

What is the staff rates tab?

For each staff member assign which rates should be the primary rate, and select any additional staff rates that the staff member needs to enter in their timesheets.

Actions available

Select a primary rate

Each staff record must have a primary rate assigned before they can enter staff timesheets. This is the rate that defaults onto each timesheet row that they create. Other rates selected are available in the drop-down list. Select a primary rate by:

  1. Open the staff record.

  2. Go to the rates tab.

  3. Check the box 'primary' against the default staff rate.

  4. Save.

Add additional selected rates

Many staff complete different types of work, and due to this, they need to have extra rates attached to their staff record. These additional selected rates can be used by their staff member when they are entering their timesheets. Add extra staff rates by:

  1. Open the staff record.

  2. Go to the rates tab.

  3. Check the box for the 'primary' rate for that staff member. That rate is auto marked as selected.

  4. Check the 'selected' box next to any other rates that this staff member requires to use.

  5. Save.


John's primary staff rate is Designer. When he does a timesheet the time will automatically be allocated to Designer. On some projects he also needs to charge out his time at a CAD Technician rate. Select the rate of 'designer' as the primary rate, and an additional rate selected for CAD technician on this tab. John will be able to use both of these rates in his timesheets.

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