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Learn more about each of the options within the drop-down menu of the staff record in Synergy.

Setup required before use

Who can use it?

Where is it?

Director Access

System Administrator

Staff > (Staff record)

What is contained within a staff record?

In the drop-down menu on the navigation bar, you will find further options.

Menu options

  1. Staff register - navigates you back to the list of staff members in your organisation

  2. Staff details - view and edit the staff contact details and security access level.

  3. Projects - a list of all the projects managed by this resource.

  4. Personal

    1. Personal details - a list of restricted personal details such as home address and personal phone numbers. These details are only visible to the staff member and staff with director-level access and above.

    2. Calendar - set the days the staff member works and the number of working hours per day.

    3. Notes & Todos - add staff specific to-dos notes to staff records to store extra details and tasks. These notes and to-dos are only visible to staff with director-level access and above.

    4. Documents - upload any documents, images, or files that relate to this staff record. These documents are only visible to the staff member and staff with director-level access and above.

  5. Staff financials

    1. Rates - select additional rates for the staff member to use when entering timesheets.

    2. Overtime rates - select overtime rates for the staff member to use when entering timesheets.

    3. Cost - set the staff costs or salary/wage details. These costs are used when calculating project profitability.

  6. Temporary files - Temporary files that the user can access

  7. Audit - view who has updated this staff record, with a list of what changes were made and when the changes were saved.

Staff details fields

Details that are editable on the page are:

  1. Title: Choose the title to be entered for the staff member from the drop-down list. i.e. Mr, Mrs, Dr. etc.

  2. First name: Type the first name of the staff member. This name will appear in list views and in Synergy reports. If the staff member is a Project Manager access level or higher, then this name is shown in the Project Manager drop-down list.

  3. Last name: Type the last name of the staff member. This name will appear in list views and in Synergy reports. If the staff member is a Project Manager access level or higher, then this name is also shown in the Project Manager drop-down list.

  4. Reports to: Nominate who the manager is for this staff member. The manager will be able to review entered or missing timesheet entries, update salary details etc.

  5. Security level: Select a security access level for the staff member from the list. These are User, Assistant Project Manager, Project Manager, Director Access, and System Administrator. Learn more about what each of these access levels can do in Synergy in the security matrix.

  6. Job title: This is the job title or position for this staff member at your organization. e.g. Director of Infrastructure, Senior Engineer, Landscape Architect. This can be seen in Synergy reports or added as a bookmark into document templates like invoices.

  7. Unique ID: Assign a unique ID to the staff member for use with Accounting add-ons when sync-ing staff cash and travel expenses to your financial system.

  8. Default project number: When blank this means the head office project number will apply to new projects created by this staff member. If a different project number format is required for this staff member, then select it from the list. This feature is available in Synergy Enterprise product only.

  9. Email (primary): Enter the primary business email address for this staff member.

  10. Time zone Select the time zone for the location of this staff member. This is used to show the 'local time' for the staff member on the read-only staff view. The local time field can help to know when to call that staff member within business hours.

  11. Start date: This is the date that the staff member started working for your organization. This defaults to today’s date when creating new records. Use this field to track work anniversaries for your staff.

  12. End date: This field is the date when the employee stops working for your company.

  13. Tags: Enter tags against the staff record to store extra data against the record and to be able to use these tags when searching for staff records.

  14. Office: Select the primary and secondary office(s) this staff member works from.

  15. Phone numbers: Enter the main contact phone numbers for the staff member. Their mobile phone number, direct office number, or add another number if required. You can use the phone number against the staff record to display on document template outputs. e.g. Proposals or invoices

  16. Addresses: Store the postal or street addresses that you require for each staff member such as Work address, Postal address, or add another address.

  17. Additional emails: Add further email addresses used by the staff member for work or personal reasons. Use the optional fields to store multiple email addresses.

  18. Social accounts: Add the staff members social accounts to be able to quickly open them from within Synergy. Type their Twitter handle, a LinkedIn username, or a Skype username they use to make online calls.

Actions available on the staff details page

  • View the address in Google Maps

  • Call the phone number

  • Email the staff member

  • Skype call the staff member

  • View the Twitter account

  • View the Linked In account

  • Go to the audit log for the open staff member

Tip: These action buttons can be seen in the staff details read-only view when the information is edited.

Terminate a staff record (inactive)

Add an 'end date' to a staff record to make the staff record inactive. The end date terminates the staff record in Synergy and blocks future use of the item after the entered date. Terminate a staff member when they have stopped working for your organization. This then releases that Synergy user license from that staff member from the entered date, so it can be assigned to a new staff record created when a new hire starts at your organization.To add an end date to a staff record:

  1. Click on the staff record in the list to that you need to make inactive / terminate.

  2. Click the 'edit' button.

  3. Enter the 'end date' on the staff record by typing the date or selecting it from the calendar.

  4. Click Save. The staff member will not have access to your organization after the entered date.

Alternatively, you can set a staff record as 'inactive' in the staff list. The record will have an 'end date' of yesterday's date entered. This will terminate the staff record and stop it from being used in Synergy today. To do this, with the staff record(s) checked, click on the more arrow and select Set as not active. Resend welcome email

For a Synergy account to be active, staff members need to verify their email address upon creation. Use this option if a staff member says they have not received the welcome email. With the staff record(s) checked, click on the more arrow and select Resend welcome email.

Export staff to Excel

Use this option to send the details for the open staff record into an Excel file. This imports the open record only. If you need to export multiple records to Excel then try using a Synergy report.

The export to Excel for staff details was added for GDPR EU regulations, to allow you export the personal details stored against any staff record to Excel to provide to that person on their request. Read more in the Synergy GDPR guide.

Export staff data to Excel by:

  1. Open the staff list.

  2. Click a staff row in the list to open the record.

  3. Click the page action button > Select 'Export contact to excel' option.

  4. An Excel file is created and downloaded to your computer. This includes all the details for the open staff record. If you require additional records in Excel, then open those staff records and repeat the export step above.

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