Staff overtime rates
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*This feature is available with the Synergy Business or Enterprise products.*

Enable the overtime rates that this staff member is allowed to use when entering timesheets.

Setup required before use

Who can use it?

Where is it?

Director Access

System Administrator

Staff > Staff financials > Overtime rates tab

What is staff overtime?

Add any extra overtime rates that the staff member needs to use when entering timesheets. Overtime rates allow the staff member to enter hours worked on public holidays, extra paid hours, or extra unpaid hours into Synergy. The 'standard' overtime rate is the default option on all new staff records.

The overtime rates set up by the system administrator to be able to report on different types of overtime rates or to control the markup of the charge-out rate or costs for overtime hours. For example, the overtime rates are used to control if the overtime hours entered that the staff member receives a higher salary rate are billed to the client at a higher rate, or if they are charged out at the standard rate. Overtime rates are created in Settings > Financial > Overtime rates.

Why use staff overtime?

Enable the overtime rates allowed for use on each staff record.

Actions available

  1. Open the staff record.

  2. Go to the Overtime tab with Staff financials.

  3. Check the 'selected' box for each overtime rate that the staff member needs to use when entering their timesheets.

  4. Check the 'primary' box for the default overtime rate for timesheet entry.

  5. Save.

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